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ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots
ICAO Aviation English course with duration for 30-200 hours.
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
Learn relevant language to prepare for flight training.
Improve your pronunciation
Unique exercises to give you a rapid increase in intelligibility.
Improve your listening comprehension
Practice listening to a wide range of authentic audio including flight instructors and air traffic control towers.
Learn radiotelephony
Learn ICAO standard phraseology from experienced pilots and Subject Matter Experts.

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Aviation English course suitable for candidates applying for a Cadet Pilot Programme

This intensive course is suitable for aspiring pilots who want to reach ICAO Level 4 or higher with qualified and experienced Aviation English teachers.  This course has been taught in Hong Kong since 2009 and has helped hundreds of candidates achieve success in gaining a cadetship.  The course conforms to the AEROSTA Framework / ICAO 9835 and is ideal preparation for all ICAO Language Proficiency Tests.  

Course commencement: Open enrolment but we recommend starting ASAP
Duration: 8 weeks (25 x 2 hour sessions)
Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1930-2130

Course venue: Aviation English Asia Ltd
Admission Requirement: Students are required to attend a consultation before enrolling on this course ($250 HKD) which is reimburseable against course fees within 2 weeks. Shorter and longer courses are available.

Fee: HKD $15,000 (MATF reimbursable for airline/airport staff) or pay in 5 x instalments of 3250 HKD for no airline/airport staff
A group discount of 10% applies when 4-7 people enrol in the same class together.
A group discount of 20% applies when 8 or more people enrol in the same class together.

Aviation English Asia Ltd's 50-hour Aviation English Course is pre-approved as reimbursable under the HKSAR government Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme. Hong Kong residents who are in full-time employment in the aviation sector with an organisation / company in Hong Kong are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $18,000.  (MATF Course code: AC047)

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Application deadline: LAST CALL
Application procedure: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +852 81799295 to arrange a consultation.  

ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots

ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots is suitable for you if you want to apply for an airline's cadet pilot programme and need to improve your English before proceeding with the application.  With Aviation English Asia Ltd you will learn the language skills needed for a career as a pilot.  You will also reinforce your Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and prepare for flight training.

The ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots course will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension and fluency, with the added advantage of giving you practice of the language needed for your cadetship. This will help you stay motivated and you will enjoy learning English more because you have a clear objective.  After completing the recommended number of course units you will be well prepared for a CASA pre-solo listening test, cadet ICAO test or the AEROSTA Framework Cadet Pilot Language Test.  

Benefits of the ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots courseICAO listening comprehension

  • You will be able to understand radio transmissions by native and non-native English speakers.
  • You will be able to respond to Air Traffic Control correctly.
  • You will gain confidence using standard phraseology in ATC communication eg radiotelephony role play.
  • You will improve your listening comprehension of non-routine situations.
  • You will be able to clearly report and manage non-routine situations.
  • You will have better pronunciation - with our unique exercises and drills.
  • You will be able to use grammar more accurately.
  • You will develop a wide range of vocabulary for non-routine situations.
  • You will get frequent practice of tasks you will need to perform in an ICAO Language Proficiency Assessment.
  • You will be able to give effective presentations about technical subject matter.
  • You will be able to paraphrase effectively if other people don't recognise your vocabulary or pronunciation.
  • You will reinforce your Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and learn to express it clearly in English.
  • You will meet and learn from airline pilots who have been through the same process.

Aviation English Asia Ltd makes it easy for you to improve your Aviation English

Learning English with Aviation English Asia Ltd is easy and enjoyable - we are motivated by your success and will support you in your English training needs every step of the way.  

  • Course conforms to the AEROSTA Framework and ICAO language proficiency requirements
  • Course content suitable for your experience and proficiency level
  • Access to our online learning community with additional learning materials and resources
  • Flexible options for payment of course fees (pay as you go, every 10 units)
  • Classes held in a convenient location in Central or Sai Ying Pun
  • Optional Supplementary Classes for learners who require additional help e.g, Pronunciation, Grammar, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Study Group
  • Ongoing progress reports based on the AEROSTA Enhanced Proficiency Standards 
  • Soft skills and relevant General English pilots need for everyday life
  • Hundreds of hours of listening comprehension exercises
  • Appropriate professional training that facilitates practice of standard phraseology in routine situations
  • Unique emphasis on practice of communicative functions so pilots can effectively manage routine and non-routine situations 
  • Develop proficiency relevant to each of the six ICAO language criteria - vocabulary, pronunciation, structure, comprehension, fluency, interactions

Learn from Qualified Aviation English Teachers, ATCOs & airline pilot instructors

  • 100% Qualified Aviation English Teachers - previously holding senior positions at major language centres and universities
  • Teachers are supported by Subject Matter Experts - commercial pilots with major airlines and ATCOs - also qualified Native English Teachers
  • Teachers are members of the Aviation English Organisation
  • Teachers are passionate about aviation, and want to see you succeed
  • Course co-designed by a Cambridge examiner / university lecturer with an MA in Applied Linguistics in collaboration with aviation Subject Matter Experts
  • Course has thousands of hours of development time
  • On-going support throughout the selection process

Course description

ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots course is skills based with activities and drills designed to ultimately help pilots achieve ICAO level 4+ / AEROSTA Framework B2. The course conforms to recommendations of ICAO document 9835 and ICAO circular 323, and the AEROSTA Framework developed by the Aviation English Organisation.   

Each unit gives you practice of the following skills:

  • Pronunciation - advanced techniques to improve your pronunciation
  • Vocabulary - develop a wide aviation, technical and general vocabulary in addition to paraphrasing skills
  • Structure - improve your grammar with effective drills and activities
  • Comprehension - listening and reading comprehension - specific to aviation
  • Fluency - learn how to organise your thoughts and express yourself clearly
  • Interaction - learn to respond appropriately in both routine and non-routine situations (AEROSTA Framework)

Aviation English class for clear communication

Classes are built on the AEROSTA Framework, created to ensure that each class has relevant learning objectives and meaningful practice of language skills.  This is your guarantee that you will have meaningful practice of language skills relevant to a flying career.

Unit  Topics/Themes Structures          Communicative
  High frequency vocabulary relevant to a particular topic  Basic and complex structures, standard phraseology Managing a dialogue

Course content

Each unit focuses on routine or non-routine situations of high relevance to cadet pilots, eg bird strike, engine failure, equipment failure, fuel planning, volcanic ash, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge.  Each unit includes pair and group work activities to increase pilots' ability to communicate effectively and safely in aviation.  The range of activities is very wide but includes:

  • Picture description
  • Listening comprehension of plain English in an aviation context, eg weather briefing, news report, personal experiences, interview, group discussion.
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Grammar drills and practice of relevant structures
  • Listening comprehension of pilot/controller dialogues in routine and non-routine situations.
  • Role play of pilot-controller / pilot-crewmember communications using both ICAO standard phraseology and plain English
  • Group discussion and debate on topics affecting flight safety

All learners receive feedback and tailored advice on their language proficiency in each unit.

Topics and themes include

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Non-routine situations
  • Describing faults and damage
  • and many more..

Communicative functions include 

  • Describing faults and damage
  • Managing a dialogue with an air traffic controller
  • Interacting with a flight instructor
  • Complex descriptive phrases
  • Clarifying and requesting information
  • Describing hypothetical situations

ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots is proven to be effective

To date 100% of our students who have completed the recommended number of units have passed the ICAO English test and most have continued to success in the management interview and flight grading.  Students who also take advantage of additional Supplementary Classes tend to achieve their target level faster.  Please note that improving your English takes time.  Therefore we recommend that you start improving your English early.

Course suitability

The course is effective in preparing candidates for all types of ICAO English test, but Aviation English Asia Ltd specialise in preparing candidates for tests at CX/KA, HKA/HKE, Eurocontrol ELPAC, Latitude CLEAR, ASPEQ, and PEPEC, so much so, that raters often seek our feedback and guidance before we recommend a candidate for retesting.  As you attend each unit of the course our linguistic experts will assess your proficiency across all six ICAO criteria - Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, Interactions.  

Course prerequisites

  • Basic level of proficiency in English (CEFR B1 or above)
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge is an advantage but not essential.
  • Any member of Hong Kong-based full-time airline or airport staff may apply for the Commercial Pilot version of this course and will most likely be eligible for MATF reimbursement.
  • It is not necessary to hold a pilot licence or have flying hours to enrol on this course.

How much does the ICAO Aviation English for Cadet Entry Pilots course cost?

It is very important that you start a course with a realistic idea of your current level, and attend the course giving specific focus to the language skills which you need to improve.  During a consultation we will recommend the best study plan for you, taking into account the time available, your needs and your current level.

Retaking an ICAO English test? We will show you exactly what to do to score ICAO level 4 and above

If you have taken the ICAO test before, Aviation English Asia can give you an independent assessment of your current level.  This is very important as your English ability might have changed since your assessment.

Enrolment procedure

In order to enrol on this course candidates must first attend a consultation. After attending a consultation you will receive expert guidance on your current level and difficulties and a recommendation for the duration of course you should enrol in. 

After completing the recommended number of training hours you will be well prepared for the ICAO test. 

Please call us on +852 8179 9295 for further details.

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Although we recommend longer courses for most candidates, it's also possible to attend a 10 hour course for $4600 HKD. If you later find you need a longer course just pay the difference ($5000 HKD) to upgrade to a regular 30 hour course.

MATF Reimbursable

This course is pre-approved by the HKSAR Government's Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) as reimbursable. If you are an airline or airport employee you may be eligible to reimburse course fees up to $18,000 HKD.
  • 30 Units
  • 30 Hours
  • $9600 HKD
  • 30 hour course suitable for ab-initio / cadet entry pilots. Classes scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1930 - 2130. Not airline/airport staff? You can also pay $3250 HKD x 3 to spread the cost.
  • MATF Reimbursable
  • Claim back $7680 HKD
  • Pay $1920 HKD yourself
  • 50 Units
  • 50 Hours
  • $15,000 HKD
  • 50 hour course suitable for ab-initio / cadet entry pilots. Classes scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1930 - 2130. Not airline/airport staff? You can also pay $3250 HKD x 5 to spread the cost.
  • MATF Reimbursable
  • Claim back $12,000 HKD
  • Pay $3000 HKD yourself
  • 100 Units
  • 100 Hours
  • $28,000 HKD
  • 100 hour course suitable for ab-initio / cadet entry pilots. Classes scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1930 - 2130. Not airline/airport staff? You can also pay $3250 HKD x 10 to spread the cost.
  • MATF Reimbursable
  • Claim back 18,000 HKD
  • Pay $10,000 HKD yourself

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