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Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Certificate Programme
Inspiring the next generation of local pilots
Improve your knowledge of aviation theory
Achieve proficiency in CASA/FAA exams
Demonstrate your passion for aviation
Prepare for flight training overseas
Prepare for English Language Proficiency Assessment
Develop genuine language proficiency to obtain a Student Pilot Licence or ICAO Level 4+
Aviation scholarship
Gain a practical understanding of flight

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Our classrooms are COVID secure, but please be aware of the potential impact of sudden HKSAR restrictions on the class schedule. There are 12 places available in each cohort of this programme.

Aviation English Asia Ltd offers the English for Flight Training module to supplement the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Certificate Programme.

Improve your English before you start flight training

ICAO Aviation English courses designed for airline pilots are not suitable for beginners.  The aim of the English for Flight Training module is to give trainee pilots the opportunity to practice the English language skills needed during both the ground school and cockpit/simulator-based phases of training.  

The module has three sub-modules:

  • Module 3A: English for Ground School
  • Module 3B: Radiotelephony 101
  • Module 3C: English for Non-routine Situations

You will practice reading, writing, speaking and listening in the context of authentic aviation training, at a suitable level for your experience.

Who is this module suitable for?

  1. This module is suitable for learners who want to improve their English as part of the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Certificate Programme.
  2. This module is suitable for complete beginners with no previous knowledge of aviation.
  3. This module is suitable for learners who are about to start an overseas flight training course conducted in English and need to improve their English proficiency first.

You will improve your understanding of technical vocabulary and revise aviation theory so that you will perform better on the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Certificate Programme. 

 Module 3A: English for Ground School

 Unit Subject Topics include
1 Aircraft Structure Aircraft components and features
Principles of Flight Basic principles of flight
Flight Controls   
Aircraft Systems  
Flight Instruments  
Aircraft Documentation Aircraft checks and checklists
Weight and Balance  
Aircraft Performance  
10  Meteorology  
11  Aviation Weather Services

Weather forecasts


12  Airport Operations

Airport features

Traffic patterns

13  Airspace Operations in controlled airspace
14  Navigation VFR navigation
15  Aeromedical Factors  
16  Aeronautical Decision Making  

This module will help you improve your English language proficiency in order to:Headset English for Flight Training -

  • Understand lectures and briefings
  • Comprehend technical documents and manuals
  • Communicate with a flight instructor
  • Communicate with air traffic control
  • Prepare for pre-solo language tests
  • Perform better in FAA/CASA theory exams

Please note that this module is not designed to give you language skills for ICAO level 4, although it certainly will help.
Instead the module is based on criteria identified for flight training in the AEROSTA Framework.

Course duration:

50 units (50 hours) Tuesday and Thursday evening 1930-2130 for 

Entry requirements:

All students must be above the age of 16 years and have basic English proficiency.

Course fees:

One payment of $15,000 HKD for 50 hours of small group class tuition (4-12 learners), over 28 weeks. All course fees are payable in advance.

You can also read our FAQ which contains lots of details about the module and comparisons to our other ICAO Aviation English courses.

  • Module 1
  • 20 Hours
  • $6000 HKD
  • 20 hour introductory course suitable for beginners. Classes scheduled Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This module is taught in English with some supplemental Cantonese
  • Aircraft Structure
  • Principles of Flight
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Controls
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Aircraft Documentation
  • Module 2
  • 30 Hours
  • $9,000 HKD
  • 30 hour continuation course suitable for beginners. Classes scheduled Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This module is taught in English with some supplemental Cantonese
  • Weight and Balance
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Aviation Weather Services
  • Airport Operations
  • Airspace
  • Navigation
  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Module 3
  • English for Flight Training
  • $15,000 HKD
  • 50 hour course suitable for non-native English speakers. Classes scheduled Tuesday and Thursday 1930-2130. This course is taught in English with very little Cantonese.
  • English for Ground School (30 hours)
  • Radiotelephony 101 (10 hours)
  • English for non-routine situations (10 hours)

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