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Aviation English Teaching Methodology course

The teacher training course offered by Aviation English Asia Ltd is part of a global initiative by the Aviation English Organisation to provide Aviation English Teachers with an externally validated qualification and practical Continuing Professional Development programme.  The Aviation English Organisation has developed a thorough quality assurance programme known as the Aviation English Rating Organisation, Syllabus and Teacher Assessment Framework (AEROSTA).

The minimum requirement for enrolment on the course is CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL and a university degree, or alternatively 1000 AEROSTA CPD points.  

Successful completion of the course will enable teachers to develop and deliver the classroom element of AEROSTA Framework based courses, and allow access to our global database of lesson plans.

The Aviation English Teaching Methodology course is designed to promote best practice with regard to two international standards -

  1. The ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements in Document 9835 and methodology of teaching English to pilots and air traffic controllers for the purpose of radio communications.
  2. The AEROSTA Enhanced Language Proficiency Standards and methodology of teaching English to other members of the aeronautical community.

The course consolidates and extends the skills of stakeholder language departments and provides them with the competencies to deliver effective language training to pilots, ATCOs and mechanics.  Research indicates that short intensive courses are not necessarily effective in enabling teaching staff to become effective Aviation English teachers, therefore the Aviation English Teaching Methodology course has a modular structure with ongoing coursework required in order to gain the qualification.

Pre-course tasks

  • Language as a contributing factor
  • Language awareness
  • Review of currently used training materials

Classroom training

Module 1

  • Introduction to the ICAO LPRs 
  • Teaching methodologies - natural approach
  • Identifying learner aims and objectives
  • Conducting needs analysis of pilots, ATCOs and mechanics

Module 2

  • Assessing proficiency with regard to ICAO 9835 descriptors
  • Assessing proficiency with regard to AEROSTA Framework
  • The effect of test tasks on learning
  • Practical language assessment (Placement, Progress, Proficiency)

Module 3

  • Best practice in course delivery
  • Course design - meeting real world learner needs
  • Task design - using the AEROSTA Framework
  • Review of existing and commercially available course materials

Module 4

  • Teaching intelligibility
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching basic structures
  • Teaching complex structures

Module 5

  • Teaching comprehension
  • Teaching standard phraseology
  • Teaching functional language
  • Sourcing and developing teaching materials
  • Using multimedia for language development

Each module is followed by practical workshops giving candidates the opportunity to practice acquired skills.

Post-course tasks

Candidates who attend the course will be awarded 250 AEROSTA CPD points.  Candidates who complete post-course tasks will be awarded an additional 250 AEROSTA CPD points and Certificate in Teaching Aviation English. Stakeholders who achieve 1500 AEROSTA CPD points will be eligible to license AEROSTA Framework based courses.

Course fee:

The total cost of the course is $250,000 HKD with an ongoing requirement to maintain membership of the Aviation English Organisation.

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