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MATF_help Help for laid off airline/airport staff in Hong Kong -

We are pleased to announce that the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund has been expanded to include people who were laid off during the pandemic.

We consider this a sensible move that enables affected individuals the opportunity to increase their language proficiency, gain professional qualifications and increase their employability.

This means that the following will be able to benefit from our courses and claim reimbursement of 80% of course fees. people in full-time employment in the aviation sector with a local organization/company at the time of application. people who have left their employment in a local organization/company of the aviation sector on or after 1 March 2020, and re-employed full-time by a local organization/company of the aviation sector at the time of application, which must be submitted on or before 31 March 2022.

Most of our work is for pilots, but we also have courses for the complete range of airline/airport roles.

This includes -

  • airport security
  • aircraft maintenance
  • customer service
  • air traffic control
  • flight dispatch
  • cargo and logistics
  • ground handling
  • and many more.

We have built some special packages which can include CV / interview / technical interview training we would be happy to discuss with you. We are here to help you enrol on the most suitable course for your needs. If you have been affected by the pandemic and want to improve your employability, prepare for an interview or ICAO English test, or progress to a new role in aviation (or you know someone who does) just call Aviation English Asia Ltd on +852 81799295 to arrange a consultation ASAP.

Hong Kong

Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

All courses are available in Hong Kong. Check the schedule above for details.


Aviation English Asia has been offering part time courses in Vietnam since 2014.

All courses are available in Vietnam - typically every 8 weeks, or by special arrangement.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.


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matf Help for laid off airline/airport staff in Hong Kong -


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