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Aviation English Asia introduces another world first - Aviation English Radio. Prepare for your ICAO test, learn aviation theory, hear student experiences and get hints and tips to improve your English.

Student Feedback and Testimonials

Alex Superficial
Hong Kong Airlines
2015-12-13, 21:00
"Hi Mike, I believe the report you wrote is excellent. Please also me to extend my appreciation to AEA teachers for the great effort you have done. Once again, many thanks and good luck to all of you."
Plato Lee
2015-12-13, 20:02
"Hi Michael, I got the result, level 5! Thanks a lot!!! i am the first space monkey from AEA" Plato Lee
Cathay Pacific Airways
2015-12-13, 21:03
"Michael I got ICAO level 5. Thanks for the classes. They helped me a lot. I will be back for training before the cadet training. I want to keep it up. I'll let you know my schedule when I am ready."

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Test for safety - train for proficiency

AEA will help you develop genuine language proficiency in English.

Courses for all levels of aviation experience

Our courses are suitable for both ab initio and professional pilots, ATCs and engineers.

100% Native English Teachers with Aviation Experience

All of our teachers are suitably qualified and have relevant aviation experience, e.g. pilots, aircraft engineers and ATCs.

CLOWDS - the most effective system of learning

Aviation English Asia offer 5 convenient modes of study.  We call this multimethod system CLOWDS.

1. Courses - attend a course to improve your vocabulary, listening comprehension, structure, pronunciation, fluency and interaction. AEA courses are student-centred and give you practice of all the skills required for an ICAO test.  Courses are composed of stages, and each stage has 10 x 60-90 minute units. Most learners attend 2-3 units per week over 5-12 weeks but you can do more or less.  Learners must be enrolled on a course to attend a course.  

2. Listen - to Aviation English Radio to get free ICAO test listening practice. Join AEA's global learning community and hear student experiences.  

3. Online - after each unit, complete the online version of that unit to help you revise and reinforce your knowledge.  You can also interact with teachers and students on our Learning Zone forums, and access a question bank of thousands of technical interview questions.  Learners also get access to a free PPL theory course!

4. Workshops - Workshops are informal 2 hour student-centred remedial classes focused on fixing basic language problems, and sometimes improving technical knowledge, ICAO test or interview practice.  Workshops are also available to learners who are not enrolled on courses. If AEA recommend that you need more practice eg grammar or pronunciation than in the formal courses you should attend the workshops so you can fix your problems quickly.

5. Directed Study Groups - teacher-led study groups are available to learners who want to find out why AEA offer the most effective system of improving your Aviation English.  Refer your friends and get discounts on courses and workshops


Cadet Pilot Programme self study checklist

Are you really ready to apply to an an airline? Find out if your knowledge and skill-set is consistent with successful AEA students by completing the self-study checklist

PPL Ground School Course


Free PPL Ground School Course

All AEA students get access to an online PPL course and aviation theory forum so you use your time and budget effectively. Includes a PPL question bank

Both airline sponsored and private students are welcome.  Colleges/Universities and flight schools/training centres who are looking for an English language component for their own courses will be satisfied that Aviation English Asia courses fulfill their needs.

Hong Kong

Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

All courses are available in Hong Kong. Check the schedule above for details.


Aviation English Asia has been offering part time courses in Vietnam since 2014.

All courses are available in Vietnam in a weekend workshop format - typically every 8 weeks, or by special arrangement.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.

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