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This section of features a selection of articles, audio and videos to help you improve your Aviation English.
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
Learn relevant language to prepare for flight training.
Improve your pronunciation
In this section of Learning Zone we focus on pronunciation in Aviation English.
Improve your listening comprehension
Practice listening to a wide range of authentic audio including flight instructors and air traffic control towers.
Radiotelephony is an essential part of Aviation English. If you are a beginner in aviation, you can learn basic radiotelephony with our free course. Read the articles and then try the exercises.
ICAO Test Quick Tips
Need some quick tips to help you improve your Aviation English? In this section of the website we have combined some quick tips to help you achieve success in an ICAO English test.
In this section of Learning Zone we focus on grammar, or structure in Aviation English.
ICAO English Test Questions
In this section of Learning Zone we present some typical ICAO English Test Questions, and advice on how they should be answered.
Technical Interview Questions
Sample technical interview questions, and advice on how they could be answered.

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Early detection of ice accumulation is critical to the safe outcome of a flight—even for pilots flying in aircraft equipped with de-icing equipment. In this video, Tom Horne talks about what to look for, and where, to determine if your aircraft is starting to pick up ice.

By bringing up-to-the-minute weather into the cockpit, datalink has increased the utility of our aircraft while making weather flying safer and easier. In this video, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the “datalink revolution” as told by the people who made it happen.

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