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Under what circumstances would a controller say "pass your message" and how would you respond?  


When flying cross-country VFR pilots often elect to contact an air traffic control service unit in order to request one of the UK's flight information services, for example a traffic service. On first contact with the air traffic service unit the pilot should stipulate the type of service he requires in the initial call -
Camel foot approach Gulf alpha Bravo Charlie Delta request traffic service
The reply from the air traffic service unit will invariably be the instruction to - pass your message
Gulf alpha Bravo Charlie Delta camel foot approach pass your message
In return your response should contain as much of the information (on screen) as possible.
ideally you should try to give it all and in the order shown because the information will tell the controller where you are and what you intend to do.
He will then be in a better position to give you the service you require promptly and efficiently.
You should learn the content and order of the information required.
Remember the rules of good RT and don't start to transmit the information until you are sure of what you are going to say.
For example you are required to give your estimated position therefore you must make sure that you know where you are and how you are going to describe your position before you hit the transmit button.
if you have done any VFR flying in the United Kingdom already you will no doubt have heard people passing this information in a very long-winded fashion because they have not thought about what they were going to say before they said it as a result they blocked the radio for an unnecessarily long time and make everyone listening including the controller very frustrated.
Don't fall into the trap yourself.  The following brief example will show you how it should be done
Kennington approach - golf alpha bravo charlie delta - request basic service
Golf alpha bravo charlie delta - Kennington approach - pass your message
Golf Charlie Delta - Cessna 172  from Waldron to Barchester 1-0 miles southwest of Kennington
altitude two thousand feet regional pressure setting one zero zero eight VFR tracking to Wigton
Gold charlie delta - Roger basic service
Basic service golf Charlie Delta

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