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Some GA pilots believe that ATC are very busy and that they would be bothering them by talking to them.  In this video produced in partnership with NATCA and the FAA, Air traffic control specialist Sarah Patten debunks the notion that talking to flights squawking 1200 is an inconvenience for ATC.

Listening comprehension - plain English in an aeronautical context

Watch the video and then check your comprehension by comparing against the transcript hidden below.



I don't think that's true at all I know as a controller if there's someone squawking 1,200 flying right below the bravo airspace I may not know what that aircrafts doing if I'm not talking to them I don't know if they're gonna fly right under my final approach course for a busy Airport I don't know if they're going to keep flying in the path of one of my IFR aircraft I might be working it's very helpful to talk to general aviation aircraft we have a better idea of what you're doing and then we can also provide you services where we could let you know about traffic that may be a conflict that's already on our frequency


In the video above Sarah talks quite fast and the transcript doesn't include punctuation.  Where would punctuation and pausing be helpful in the transcript above?

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