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radio Effective Radio Communication

The radio is an important tool, and must be used properly to be effective. All communications must be of a high quality. An effective radio call has four elements.

Clear - Others must be able to hear clearly what you are saying. You need to speak into the microphone, speak at a slightly slower rate than normal conversation, and use standard phraseology.

Concise - Transmit only for the minimum time necessary to get your message across. There are important elements in a radio call – make sure you include them, but don’t add extra information that is ‘nice to know’, unless it is important for others to know this. Most people don’t need to hear what your departure point or destination is, unless it is nearby and is relevant to your current position and direction of flight.  Consider also, the information you would like to hear from other aircraft when making your own radio calls.

Consistent - Be consistent, not only by using standard phraseology, but also the order in which you give the information.

Correct - Be accurate. The situational awareness of others is affected by the accuracy of your radio calls – more specifically your position reporting. For instance, never use the words ‘abeam’ or ‘approaching’ to describe your position, as they are meaningless to anyone else. A precise description, such as ‘three miles southwest of TaiPo’ is much more useful.

Aviation English Asia Ltd courses incorporate activities to be clear, concise, consistent and correct as part of the Learning Method.

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