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Need some quick tips to help you improve your Aviation English? In this section of the website we have combined some quick tips to help you achieve success in an ICAO English test.

Second chance to take ICAO testIf you have taken an ICAO test recently, perhaps as part of a selection process for first officer, or even as a cadet pilot programme, and unfortunately scored a level 3 in some area we have some important advice for you.  You may have been told that you have 3 months to prepare for a retest, and if you again score level 3 then you will need to reapply in a year.  

Here are six facts that you might not know:

  • A genuine improvement in language proficiency within 3 months is possible when you attend classes with Aviation English Asia Ltd.
  • You may need to attend Aviation English Asia Ltd classes very intensively during those 3 months.
  • Although some candidates may need just a few hours of practice, many learners will need anything from 30-120 hours.
  • Aviation English Asia Ltd is the only genuine provider of Aviation English training in Hong Kong.  
  • Aviation English Asia Ltd offer classes 7 days per week, and up to 20 hours of classes each week, and have done so since 2009.  That means that it's easy for you to complete the recommended number of training hours within your available time frame.
  • Aviation English Asia Ltd courses have helped hundreds of candidates achieve a cadetship since 2009.

Don't risk your second chance to retake an ICAO English test

We have compared the performance of candidates who have attended "courses" from other providers, or attended less frequently than advised and found that learners who attend courses only with Aviation English Asia Ltd have a massive increase in their language proficiency.  This language proficiency is not limited to passing tests, but genuine language proficiency that allows learners to detect discrepancies in radio communications, pronounce words more clearly, and communicate more effortlessly and concisely.  

Why are Aviation English Asia Ltd students so successful?

It's our learning method.  It's no wonder that Aviation English Asia Ltd is the language training provider of major airlines.

If you are retaking an ICAO English test to get a job, or proceed with an application to an airline's cadet pilot programme it's really important for you to attend our classes at the pace we recommend.  You have been given a second chance.  Don't risk that second chance to achieve your dream by following unproven advice.  

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +852 81799295.

Start Improving Your Aviation English Today

If you have recently failed an ICAO English test and been told to reapply in 12 months don't wait 11 months before starting an ICAO Aviation English course! Contact us today to get professional advice and a realistic learning plan to achieve your goals.  And if you have taken a cadet pilot programme ICAO test and have been told to retake the test in 3 months, don't wait a month before starting a course - call Aviation English Asia Ltd today on +852 81799295.

Our courses typically take 2-60 weeks, although we do offer some shorter courses for people at a higher level of proficiency.  To see our range of courses please visit

When you are learning English every opportunity to practice correctly spoken English counts.  Remember that you need to improve your proficiency in aviation English, not practice to pass a test.  Aviation English Asia Ltd courses are properly structured to make it fun, effective, easy and affordable to reach your target level.  They are recommended by a lot of airline pilots.

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Success in an ICAO English test is not just a matter of what you say, it's how well you say it. Pronunciation is particularly important and often neglected by candidates. Some candidates need more help with pronunciation than others, so if you need extra help you should attend Aviation English Asia's weekend Pronunciation Supplementary Classes, in addition to the regular ICAO Aviation English course.

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Each Supplementary Class is conducted by an experienced Aviation English teacher, and focuses on a different area of pronunciation.  You can find more details of our Supplementary Classes here -

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Study rhythmOne of the most important factors in ICAO test success is how frequently you attend Aviation English classes. AEA courses are designed to encourage a healthy study rhythm. The most effective study rhythm for candidates applying for a cadet pilot programme is 2-3 units plus a Supplementary Class per week over a 10-25 week period, plus a number of homework exercises to reinforce what you have learned in class.  

But if you are retaking an ICAO English test and have just 12 weeks to prepare for the retest, our statistics show that attending 4-5 units each week (ideally 50 units over 10-12 weeks) is going to help you become closer to ICAO level 5.  Students that try to go faster by also attending courses from other providers always get distracted and ultimately waste time and energy. Don't burn out, trust Aviation English Asia Ltd and maintain the pace that we recommend.

If you are a commercial pilot retaking an ICAO English test, you will find that 15-20 hours of classes each week is appropriate for you.  Whatever your learning need, Aviation English Asia Ltd can help. Just call us on +852 81799295 to arrange your consultation.

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Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

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