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"Air density is perhaps the single most important factor affecting airplane performance. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?"

This is a great ICAO test question as it allows a candidate to talk about principles of aerodynamics in their own words.  


We are not going to give you a model answer, but we will help you construct a good answer.

375px-Density_Altitude How does air density affect performance?

When planning your answer consider these factors:

  • lift generated by the wings
  • efficiency of the propeller
  • power output of the engine
  • dry air
  • friction

Also consider the effects of density altitude:

  • acceleration
  • attain the same lift
  • avoid stalling
  • reduced power production
  • lower service ceiling

Essential Aviation English vocabulary

lift, airfoil, propeller, humid, reduced, decreased, true, obstacles, altitude
A candidate will also be able to use different forms of a word, eg efficient, efficiency, efficiently so make sure you know your parts of speech.

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matf How does air density affect performance?


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