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Aviation Business English

The world is getting smaller. Effective communication with overseas clients and partners is vital for today’s global companies.  It is now more important than ever for corporate professionals to speak the international language of business and commerce – English.

Aviation English Asia offers Business English courses to help you achieve proficiency in the airline industry and social situations such as talking to clients and partners, working in teams, solving business problems, and much more.

Benefits of the Aviation Business English course:

Aviation Business English will enable you to

  • Understand business conversations
  • Relate to people in a workplace environment
  • Develop general and technical business vocabulary
  • Recognise and use an appropriate degree of formality
  • Build the confidence and skills required for effective international communication
  • Improve your overall communication skills

Designed for business people with an intermediate to advanced level of English.

Course features:

  • Blended learning - classroom, course book and online for maximum effectiveness.
  • Interactive lessons based on everyday business situations.
  • Exercises on all English skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
  • Promotes multi-cultural awareness for increased sensitivity and understanding
  • Lessons for students at intermediate to advanced levels
  • Preparation for Business English tests like the Cambridge BEC Vantage-level exam
  • Different accents and varieties of English
  • Continuous assessment so progress can be tracked and weaknesses improved


Custom designed to suit your needs

Aviation Business English students can choose elective modules such as:

  • English for Cargo 
  • English for Catering
  • English for Crew Control
  • English for Airport Management
  • English for Finance
  • English for Marketing
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for Information Technology


Focus on the English skills you most need

Altitude Business English is a thorough introduction to Business English communication skills.  It is suitable for people who are planning a career in a business or who work in an industry where English is used on an everyday basis.

Topics covered on the course include:

  • Brands and marketing
  • Building relationships and networking
  • Business ethics and corporate responsibility
  • Customer service
  • e-Commerce
  • Effective e-mail writing
  • Finance and banking
  • Job satisfaction
  • Management styles
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation skills and answering difficult questions
  • Resolving conflict
  • Telephone strategies


Course tailored to suit your needs


Suitable for the following levels:

  • Pre-intermediate,
  • Intermediate,
  • Upper- Intermediate,
  • Advanced


Aviation Business English is supplemented by authentic textbooks from Cambridge University Press.

Learning materials are selected to help you rapidly improve your Business English vocabulary and give you grammar practice in business contexts.

The course text books also help leaners prepare for the internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL Business English exam, using real exam papers from Cambridge ESOL. The course textbook can be either the BEC edition or the BULATS edition depending on which exam is selected.

Business Benchmark Business Benchmark Advanced Business vocabulary in use Write better emails

The BULATS editions are also accompanied by a CD-ROM containing a complete BULATS test supplied by Cambridge ESOL, so learners can also practise for the BULATS Computer Test.

Key Features

  • An 'Exams Practice' section for BEC or BULATS with authentic exam papers from Cambridge ESOL.
  • An 'Exam Skills' section for BEC or BULATS, so students know exactly what to do to get the best score in each exam task type.
  • Personal Study Book contains extra activities and a Word list of core business vocabulary from the Student's Book.

To find out your starting level please arrange a consultation by telephoning +852 8179 9295 or complete the Course Enquiry form.

Hong Kong

Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

All courses are available in Hong Kong. Check the schedule above for details.


Aviation English Asia has been offering part time courses in Vietnam since 2014.

All courses are available in Vietnam - typically every 8 weeks, or by special arrangement.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.


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