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Find out your ICAO English level today


  • Find out your ICAO English level before you take a test.
  • Prepare in advance to reduce the chance of failing an ICAO English test.
  • Get feedback that an assessor might not have time to give you.
  • Know what to expect in an ICAO English test.

Why do I need to take an Aviation English Placement Test?

When you start an ICAO Aviation English course it is very important that you start a course at the correct level.  This is because:

  1. If you start a course that is too easy, or doesn't address your needs you could waste time and lose interest.
  2. If you start a course that is too difficult you could become frustrated with lack of progress.


There is also another important benefit to taking a Placement Test before you start training. You will be able to find out how long it will realistically take to reach ICAO level 4, 5 or 6. This knowledge will help you prioritise your time when preparing for airline interviews or ICAO retests.

How long it will take to reach ICAO Level 4?

Predicting how much you need to study to improve your English is difficult because the ICAO levels are not of equal length, eg the time needed to improve from level 3 to 4 is much longer than the time needed to improve from level 2 to 3.  Therefore it is very important that you take an ICAO Aviation English Placement Test (AEPT) before you start a course so you can find out exactly where you are on the ICAO English scale.

This is true even if you have already had an assessment from an ICAO rater.  You need to find out if you are in the upper or lower sector of the band, and which specific skills need to be improved.

How does the Aviation English Placement Test work?

The test takes approximately 20 minutes and can be taken over skype or done face to face.  The Aviation English Placement test has a similar format to an ICAO English test but can be adapted to the needs of ab initio pilots who do not yet have a lot of technical aviation knowledge.  The Aviation English Placement Test is conducted live by an Aviation English specialist, Aviation Subject Matter Expert or Linguist.  We do not recommend automated computer-based placement tests as computers are not yet advanced enough to assess the core ICAO skills, particularly fluency and interaction.

After completing the Aviation English Placement Test a recording of your performance will be sent to our assessment team for analysis and further feedback.  It will then be compared against a published global benchmark of ICAO test results.  The AEPT is based on the AEROSTA Framework.

What feedback do I get after taking the Aviation English Placement Test?

In addition to your overall level, we can give you specific feedback on each of the elements assessed in an ICAO test.

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension (Aural)
  • Interaction

We can highlight specific areas for improvement and guide you in how to do this.  We will then make a recommendation for further training.  The assessment will state how many hours of training you realistically need, and the best way to achieve this.  Feedback usually takes about 20 minutes.

Is the Aviation English Placement Test suitable for you?

The Aviation English Placement Test is suitable for pilots, controllers, cadet pilots and ab initios.  The Aviation English Placement Test is different from an actual ICAO English Test in that it is also suitable for trainees who have not yet learned specific aviation phraseology. The AEPT measures English language proficiency, not subject-specific knowledge.

***  Please note that this is not an ICAO Certification test.  It is designed for people who want to find out where they are on the ICAO scale before they attend an ICAO English test to see if any English training is needed.  ICAO certification should be arranged via your local Civil Aviation Department.   ***

How much does the Aviation English Placement Test (AEPT) cost?

Typically a 20 minute test costs $250 HKD, but some students choose to take an extended 40 minute test (AEPT+) with additional feedback for $1000 HKD.

You can take the Aviation English Placement test easily by ordering online with Paypal, or by calling us asking for payment details on +852 91059753.  

After receiving your payment we will contact you to arrange the time and date for the test.  Sometimes this can be done the same day.



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