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Communicative Language Skills - Group Class 

This is a communicative General English course for anyone who wants to improve their English in a flexible yet structured way.  It's also suitable as an optional upgrade for our other English courses.

Improved proficiency in English will help you achieve success in your career and open many doors for you.  But proficiency in English isn't always measured by performance in exams - it's also how you communicate and interact with other people.

Improved English communication skills will benefit both you and your airline

As a representative of an airline, how you respond and interact with people is very important.  You need to communicate with both native and second language speakers in English, and demonstrate awareness of different cultures.  Often you will need to deal with difficult situations in English, and showing sensitivity and giving appropriate responses can help resolve these situations positively.  

The skills learned on the General English course will also help you personally in your everyday life, as you become more confident and are able to interact on a deeper and more meaningful level with English speakers around the world.  You will develop new interests and be able to take advantage of new social opportunities.

General English will help you:

  • Develop strong English communication skills
  • Improve your listening and speaking
  • Gain confidence when speaking to other English speakers
  • Develop cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Improve your fluency and accuracy in English.

Focus on the English language skills you need

You can develop each of these skills on the General English course, as you discuss and explore common situations that can affect you in every day life.  Particular focus is given to improving core language skills:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Fluency

A higher level of English proficiency

Many airline employees want to improve their English beyond the standard required for the job.  General English allows you to improve your English and explore a world of rich thought-provoking topics.  It is possible to develop near-native fluency on the General English course if you take a sufficient number of sessions. You can also choose to take an assessment from Cambridge ESOL to show your English proficiency.

Learn English that you can use in your everyday life

Popular topics include -
  • news and current affairs
  • dating and relationships
  • food and drink
  • travel and destinations
  • world culture
  • science and technology
  • describing personality and appearance
  • crime
  • law and legal systems
  • hypothetical situations
  • international English
  • idioms / slang
  • professional development
  • cultural differences.
 All topics are tailored to be useful for airline employees. 

More opportunities to communicate with confidence

We are confident that you will learn so much that you will tell your friends and colleagues around the world how effective our General English sessions are.  Therefore we will give one free General English session for each colleague that you refer to Aviation English Asia.

Hong Kong

Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

All courses are available in Hong Kong. Check the schedule above for details.


Aviation English Asia has been offering part time courses in Vietnam since 2014.

All courses are available in Vietnam - typically every 8 weeks, or by special arrangement.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.


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