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Learning non-routine situations for an ICAO English test can be fun. But don't neglect routine situations.  As a candidate for a cadet programme it's far more important to become familiar with


We had a rather strange question recently.  Someone applying for a cadet pilot programme that had failed asked us if AEA "course content is going to be similar to the real test, like


What would you do if you are given an instruction by a controller that you are not able to comply with?  Watch the video and listen to the advice.


Scam organisation teaching to the test
BAD PRACTICE: teaching pilots "how to pass an ICAO English test"

Teaching to the test puts a time-bomb in the cockpit

Hong Kong, much like Taiwan and Thailand is affected by a phenomenon known as bu xi bans.  This translates from mandarin as "cram school".  It's basically where a school targets candidates preparing for exams.  They offer "crash courses" which means that you will complete a course but make lots of mistakes. Cram schools compete on price and to cut costs employ backpacking English teachers, usually without a teaching certificate.  The result is students who barely speak english and have mediocre exam scores.  They focus on passing the test but not on building genuine language proficiency.  These cram schools are just interested in getting your money.  You might think that it's ok because you can pass the test and learn English later, but any decent airline will detect your problem and ground you from flying for at least 2 months.

Unfortunately we have seen a few schools trying to copy Aviation English Asia Ltd recently - even copying names like "unit" and "workshop" and large parts of the text on our website, but they make a fatal mistake - they try to cram information into 4 hour classes.  Some of them even try to copy our company name or give themselves made up job titles like "aviation communications specialist", "learning facilitator" or "ICAO approved examiner". These job titles actually mean "unqualified English teacher", and for the record there is no such thing as an "ICAO approved examiner".  ICAO do not approve examiners.

Aviation English Asia Ltd is the only genuine provider of Aviation English is Hong Kong.  We have offered full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.  We are also a founder member of the Aviation English Organisation and contributed to the Aviation English Rating Organisation, Syllabus and Teacher Assessment Framework, which is your guarantee of quality.

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