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Learning non-routine situations for an ICAO English test can be fun. But don't neglect routine situations.  As a candidate for a cadet programme it's far more important to become familiar with


We had a rather strange question recently.  Someone applying for a cadet pilot programme that had failed asked us if AEA "course content is going to be similar to the real test, like


What would you do if you are given an instruction by a controller that you are not able to comply with?  Watch the video and listen to the advice.


Aviation English Radio

Aviation English Radio
ICAO English Test Listening Comprehension

Aviation English Asia Ltd provides a number of free resources for you to improve your English in your free time.  In 2017 we launched Aviation English Radio, an online student radio station streaming 24/7 each day of the year.  Since then we have had great feedback from learners all over the world who tune in and listen simultaneously to Aviation English Radio.  

Every time you tune in you will be able to listen to carefully graded audio to help prepare for your ICAO test, learn aviation theory (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge), principles of Air Traffic Control, ICAO English test questions, technical interview questions, hear student experiences and get hints and tips to improve your English proficiency.  

We are sure that if you enrol in a course with Aviation English Asia Ltd and listen to the programmes on Aviation English Radio you will make a rapid improvement in both your knowledge and your English proficiency.

Join Aviation English Asia's worldwide learning community.  You can tune in here - and don't forget to share to your friends too.

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