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Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme

Several courses are pre-approved as re-imburseable under the HKSAR government's MATF programme

matf Ordering and Payment -

Candidates who are in full-time employment with an airline or airport in Hong Kong are eligible for re-imbursement up to $18,000 HKD.

Aviation English Asia suggest the following:

  1. Order and pay for the English Assessment Test first.  A test report will be e-mailed to you recommending the skill level you should start with.  This test is done by an independent testing organisation.

  2. Order and pay for the skill levels recommended by the test report.

  3. Order and pay for additional levels until you complete the Intermediate course.

  4. Order and pay for the ICAO Proficiency Test to get ICAO certification. 

Cost (USD)

ICAO Aviation English Placement Test (60 minute online test) including feedback and recommendations.  


$125 {easypaypal itemname=ICAO Aviation English Placement Test,itemnumber=1,quantity=1,amount=125,tax=0.0, currency=USD,button=,cancel_return=}pixel Ordering and Payment -
Basic Level Course - ICAO Level 1 (Lower Elementary Level) $800 {easypaypal itemname=ICAO Aviation English Level 1,itemnumber=1,quantity=1,amount=800,tax=0.0, currency=USD,button=,cancel_return=}pixel Ordering and Payment -
Beginner Level Course - ICAO Level 2 (Upper Elementary Level) $800 {easypaypal itemname=ICAO Aviation English Level 2,itemnumber=1,quantity=1,amount=800,tax=0.0, currency=USD,button=,cancel_return=}pixel Ordering and Payment -
High Beginner Level Course - ICAO Level 3 (Lower Pre-Operational Level) $800 {easypaypal itemname=ICAO Aviation English Level 3,itemnumber=1,quantity=1,amount=800,tax=0.0, currency=USD,button=,cancel_return=}pixel Ordering and Payment -
Intermediate Level Course - ICAO Level 3 (Upper Pre-Operational Level) $800 {easypaypal itemname=ICAO Aviation English Level 4,itemnumber=1,quantity=1,amount=800,tax=0.0, currency=USD,button=,cancel_return=}pixel Ordering and Payment -
ICAO Proficiency Test $150 {easypaypal itemname=ICAO Aviation English VAET,itemnumber=1,quantity=1,amount=150,tax=0.0, currency=USD,button=,cancel_return=}pixel Ordering and Payment -

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