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Online lessons to prepare for an ICAO English test or airline interview

Do you want to improve your Aviation English to prepare for an ICAO English test, advance your career, or change to an airline based in Hong Kong? Do you want to be more familiar with ATC and crew members during flight operations in Asia?  You can now receive additional language training from our network of Aviation English teachers via Skype.

Aviation English Asia Ltd offers Aviation English Skype Tutorials to help you with job interviews, career advancement, ICAO English tests, airline screening and other specialist needs you have.

All classes are with experienced native English teachers (registered with the Aviation English Organisation) who work one-on-one with you to improve your English. Classes can be customized for your particular airline or ICAO English test.

Classes are built on the AEROSTA Framework, created to ensure that each class has relevant learning objectives and meaningful practice of language skills.  This is your guarantee that you will have meaningful practice of language skills relevant to your job.

Unit  Topics/Themes Structures          Communicative
  High frequency vocabulary relevant to a particular topic  Basic and complex structures, standard phraseology Managing a dialogue

Online tutorials for all ICAO tests

Aviation English Asia Ltd’s 1-to-1 Skype English classes can help you improve quickly.  Aviation English Asia Ltd teachers are very familiar with different tests such as RELTA, ELPAC, AEROSTA, ASPEQ, HKA, HKE, ANAC, CLEAR, AELTS and TEA.  All of these tests have different formats and you might find that the standards of assessment vary.  In addition to test practice, our courses cater to the actual operational needs of the airline. 

Aviation English Asia Ltd students have had great success in their careers thanks to our classes. Just look at some of the testimonials on the right hand side of this page.

The Skype classes can either

  • prepare you for an ICAO test / retest 
  • prepare you for a pilot job interview
  • improve your ability to communicate with ATC / crew members

Prepare for pre-employment screening

Aviation English is now so important that some airlines are very wisely screening candidates via Skype before interviewing them.  Prepare the correct way with Aviation English Asia Ltd, as we have in depth knowledge of these airlines and they appreciate our work.  Aviation Engiish Asia is also able to write progress reports recommending you for retest when you are ready.  These reports are regarded very highly by the ICAO assessors and Human Resources departments.


Each 55 minute tutorial costs $55 USD (420 HKD)


Aviation English Online Tutorials

Purchase 10 x 55 minute tutorials for 450 USD 

Advantages over other online skype courses 

  • 100% Native English Teachers
  • Teachers include commercial pilots with thousands of hours of flying experience
  • Learner can receive feedback on each activity - manually assessed by a Native English Teacher
  • Course content is aviation focused - not just chat on Skype

For further details please complete the course enquiry form on the right.

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Hong Kong

Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

All courses are available in Hong Kong. Check the schedule above for details.


Aviation English Asia has been offering part time courses in Vietnam since 2014.

All courses are available in Vietnam - typically every 8 weeks, or by special arrangement.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.


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