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Radiotelephony 101 is an 10 hour foundation course to help candidates become familiar and proficient with radio communication.  This course contains a carefully sequenced selection of training materials, giving progressive, systematic practice in radiotelephony phraseology for pilots. The exercises are designed primarily to teach operational fluency in the routine phraseology for IFR flights. Unlike routine phraseology, the language of non-routine situations is not highly predictable. However, practice is also provided for a selection of non-routine situations.  

The course material follows the structure of Airspeak by Fiona Robertson (which may be purchased from our bookstore for self study), and freely downloadable training manuals CAP413, and ICAO Document 9444. 


Course syllabus

Unit 1 - preflight to line up

1.1 Preflight to line-up

1.2 Route clearances 

1.3 Start-up

  • Start-up (routine)
  • Start-up (non-routine)

1.4 Push-back

  • Push-back (routine)
  • Push-back (non-routine) 

1.5 Taxiing

  • Taxi (routine)
  • Taxi (routine exchanges)
  • Taxi (nun-routine)

1.6 Line-up

  • Line-up (routine)
  • Line-up (non-routine) 

Unit 2 - Take-off to top of climb

2.1 Distress and urgency messages 

  • Departure information
  • Departure information (routine)
  • Departure information (ATIS) 

2.2 Take-off

  • Take-off (routine)
  • Take-off (non-routine)
  • Initial climb (routine)
  • Initial climb (non-routine)

2.4 Climb

  • Climb (routine)
  • Climb (non-routine) 
  • End of climb (routine)
  • End of climb (non-routine)

Unit 3 - cruise to descent

3.1 Volmets

3.2 En route: position reports
  • En route: position reports (routine)
  • En route (non-routine)

3.3 En route: traffic information

  • En route: traffic information (routine)
  • En route (non-routine)

3.4 Descent

  • Descent (routine)
  • Descent (non-routine)

Unit 4 - Approach to parking

4.1 Arrival (ATIS)

4.2 Approach

  • Approach (routine)
  • Approach (non-routine)

4.3 Final approach and landing

  • Final approach and landing (routine)
  • Final approach and landing (non-routine)

4.4 After landing

  • After landing (routine)
  • After landing (non-routine)

Unit 5 - Radiotelephony practice

  • Role play from engine start-up to engine shut-down
  • Preparation for ICAO English test, check ride

Course information

COURSE FEE: $3000 HKD payable in advance.

COURSE TIME: Sunday afternoon 1500-1700 for 5 weeks.
COURSE LOCATION: Aviation English Asia Ltd


Brendan - Aviation English Teacher / Subject Matter Expert / Airline Pilot

Brendan is a Senior Captain flying Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for a Hong Kong based airline. He is a former RAF pilot and has flown a wide range of aircraft including the Hawk, Boeing 747 and various high altitude aircraft. He has a lot of experience teaching pilots from ab initio (from the beginning) all the way up to fighter pilots.

Cec - Aviation English Teacher / Subject Matter Expert / Commercial Pilot

Cec is a commercial pilot from Canada. He has thousands of hours of flying experience on aircraft such as the DC3 and Twin Otter. He is a highly experienced simulator instructor, training members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He specialises in teaching navigation and radio communications.

How to enrol

Call us on:  +852 8179 9295 or alternatively complete the contact request form to arrange a free consultation.


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