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Flight Attendant Virtual Interview Simulator

Practice for a Flight Attendant Interview 100% Online

Flight Attendant Virtual Interview Simulator

The interviews for flight attendant jobs are becoming increasingly competitive, and it's often your communication skills in English that make the difference between getting to the next interview and being asked to reapply in a year's time.  With English being so important throughout the selection process it's a good idea to develop your all round proficiency in English before you apply.

Your performance in the interview is often a lot more important than your qualifications and work experience.  It's not surprising that you want to practice answering airline interview questions in English.

FAVIS is a fluency development tool for English learners who want to become flight attendants.  FAVIS offers candidates the opportunity to practice answering difficult interview questions in English and get feedback from an experienced member of cabin crew and Native English Teacher.  It allows for asynchronous interactive language practice.  FAVIS records audio/video from your webcam in a simulated interview so it feels exactly like you are interacting with the interviewer.  All of the feedback is personalised so it's exactly like having a personal tutor.

Furthermore, you can access FAVIS at any time of the day from anywhere you have internet access.  You will get feedback on your answers within 7 days, and access to additional support on our learning community.


  • You will improve your confidence and fluency in English
  • You will have a better idea of what kind of questions to expect
  • You will be able to practice INTERACTIVE speaking and listening like in a real conversation
  • You can practice answering questions about your CV and cover letter.
  • You can practice answering difficult airline interview questions.
  • You will have a greater awareness of your body language and how to present yourself at an airline interview.
  • You will get feedback from experienced Native English Teachers, HR professionals and Flight Attendants from major airlines.
  • You will be more aware of your current English level and what to do to improve before you attend an interview.


The aim of FAVIS is to give interactive speaking and listening practice in English for you to perform effectively in airline job interviews.  It is designed for improving fluency and confidence rather than language development (for language development courses see English for Flight Attendant Careers.  If you need further language training FAVIS will highlight areas for improvement.


Screenshots of favis

FAVIS has a question bank of progressively more difficult, and more technical interview questions.  Suggestions for a model answers and target language are included with most questions.  Your fluency will rapidly increase because you have fixed times in which to respond.  The video in the top right corner builds engagement and helps you interact naturally with a virtual interviewer.

screenshots of favis

A voice graph at the bottom of the display gives a visual representation of both stress and tone in the speaker's voice.  This is not "speech recognition" software that you may have seen in other language courses.  FAVIS allows for accurate modelling of pronunciation including pitch, rhythm, tempo and intonation.

If you want to practice speaking in English to prepare for a flight attendant interview you will find that FAVIS not only gives you the language practice that you need, but also highlights gaps in your vocabulary that can be remedied with language development courses like English for Flight Attendant Careers.

Cost: $97 USD for a two month user licence + two months of access to our online learning community

This fantastic learning tool is now in public beta (we are adding new questions and responses every day).  Therefore for a limited time we are offering a two month licence for FAVIS, and one year of access to our online learning community for just $97 USD.  This is payable through paypal and is available immediately.

FAVIS is also available FREE to students who take the In-flight English or English for Airline Interviews courses.

Flight Attendant Interview Practice Online

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Your login code and user instructions will be emailed to you after we have received payment.  We are currently doing this manually, so expect to receive your login code within 24 hours of making payment.


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