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Student Feedback and Testimonials

Alex Superficial
Hong Kong Airlines
2015-12-13, 15:00
"Hi Mike, I believe the report you wrote is excellent. Please also me to extend my appreciation to AEA teachers for the great effort you have done. Once again, many thanks and good luck to all of you."
2015-12-13, 14:36
"Thanks for your teaching. I am glad to be your student" Monica
Gaelle Petit Jean
Hong Kong Express
2015-12-13, 14:08
"I don't have the results yet but the guy told me level 4 for sure and possibly level 5." Gaelle

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Meet our team of experienced Aviation English Teachers

All of our teaching staff are graduates and come from varied teaching backgrounds.

They are suitably qualified with an externally assessed English teaching qualification, eg CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or significant classroom based teaching experience / industry experience.  All teaching staff are actively involved in professional development.

Michael - Director / Aviation English Teacher / Teacher Trainer

Michael is the Managing Director of Aviation English Asia Ltd. He is very passionate about both aviation and language training and has been training airline employees since 2006. He lives in Hong Kong and is committed to providing the best support possible for English learners to achieve the levels of English proficiency that they need.  Michael advocates a communicative style of content-based learning to give learners sufficient practice of the core skills that they really need.  He is a graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), BPP Law School and has a Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of a Second or Other Language (Trinity Cert TESOL).  He enjoys surfing, playing guitar and helping people.

Stephen - Aviation English Teacher / Curriculum Developer / Teacher Trainer / Registered Examiner

Stephen is the Academic Director of Aviation English Asia Ltd and is responsible for the South East Asia region.  He has an MA in Applied Linguistics and specialises in teacher training.  Stephen has over 15 years of experience in teaching English as a second language, working for many highly regarded institutions including British Council and International House.  Steve has been a full time lecturer for Chinese University Hong Kong, University of Newcastle, Nottingham University and is registered as an examiner for Cambridge University. 

Brendan - Aviation English Teacher / Subject Matter Expert / Airline Pilot

Brendan is a Senior Captain flying Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. He is a former RAF pilot and has flown a wide range of aircraft including the Hawk, Boeing 747 and various high altitude aircraft. He has a lot of experience teaching pilots from ab into (from the beginning) all the way up to fighter pilots.  He has a degree in biology and enjoys sailing in his free time.  If you would like to benefit from his 40 years of aviation experience, or even go sailing he will be very pleased to talk with you.

Mick - Aviation English Teacher / Subject Matter Expert / Aerospace Engineer  / Private Pilot

Mick is an aerospace engineer specialising in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). He has worked in aviation for 35 years, gaining experience as RAF Chief Engineer and Airframe Systems Instructor, a UK CAA B1 Licensed Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance Manager, Principal Engineer/Programme Manager for aerospace manufacturing, and as an FAA Private Pilot. Mick is committed to improving Aviation Safety, and has been helping clients in Asia since 2007. He is certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and enjoys travelling, learning Mandarin and playing guitar.

Peter - Radiotelephony Teacher / Subject Matter Expert / Commercial Pilot

Peter is a commercial pilot from Australia.  He has many hours of flying experience and previously worked for Air Services Australia.  He is also an experienced ground school instructor and has been actively involved with the Australian Air Cadets and the implementation of Air Cadet programmes in China.  He enjoys meeting pilots from other cultures and flying radio-controlled model aircraft.

Kumar - Academic / Subject Matter Expert

Kumar assists with course development and is also responsible for scheduling.  He is an mPhil student researching English for Aeronautical Communications.  We are very happy to have him as part of the team.

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